Saturday, April 08, 2006

084. Contributed by JFK:

This Idiot Parker in a Honda Odyssey had just parked his car in a carpark driveway, blocking traffic turning into it, and left it there for several hours. Are drivers this lazy to find a proper lot? Perhaps they should just pay the security to valet park for them! The number plate is SFS5780C, in case it is not clear.

Taken at The Strategy carpark, IBP, on 6 April 2006 at about 1:45pm.


umami said...

I know the carpark because I work in the same building. This is not my car, mine is more like toy size.

Sometimes there are simply no lots so the drivers park like this for a few hours, the attendant might let them do it as long as they remove it around lunchtime. I am surprised that it is still there at 1.45pm.

me said...

this is really normal.. used to work here.. the carpark aunty have the sign that says carpark full and you see people still driving in! depriving those who have season parking a lot.

Mickell said...

Dumb crap. Maybe he thinks his Odyssey too long cannot go thru the driveway ;p

Anonymous said...

we've got too many dumb craps everywhere :D