Thursday, April 20, 2006

135. Contributed by incredibly super:

This idiot Honda driver is so hopeless at parking, I think if you gave him a bus bay to park in, he'll still miscue. The best is to take the car away, and give him a bicycle to ride. Even an idiot should be able to park a bicycle properly.

Taken at the Esplanade on 13 April 2006


Mickell said...

Ha, ha, ha... :D Odyssey driver thinks his car too big, can't park properly. Yaloh, maybe even if given a bus-bay to park in, he may still park it idiotically ;p

Sarah said...

Tow away his car,give him a bike.

Anonymous said...

i drive an odyssey and personally i think its VERY easy to park it...coz i always check my space to all parkers check ur lot twice before parking!