Thursday, April 20, 2006

136. Contributed by koh:

This is really too much! My grandmother could park better than this... without her spectacles, even. Who gave this moron a licence? Please revoke this idiot's licence asap!

Taken at the carpark in between the Bukit Batok East Community Centre and Blk 271, Bukit Batok East Ave 4 on 15 April 2006 at about 9:15pm.


tezza said...

scratch the car, scratch the car!

Mickell said...

This 3.3L Hyundai Azera is quite rare in Singapore. Must be one hell of a petrol-guzzler ;p A 1.6L (A) Matrix already guzzles so much petrol, imagine a Hyundai car with a 3.3L engine ;p
Dead Fat Cat ;p

Sarah said...

What can I say..another idiot..

Anonymous said...

This car is obviously a customer of the audio/car accessory shop in the background. He park this way I think is to facilitate easy installation (car door need to open wide, the installer need more space as well)

Anonymous said...

cont'd from my previous post. The shop closes at 7pm. Maybe a customer who left his car park there, maybe not a custoemr afterall.