Saturday, April 22, 2006

146. Contributed by anonymous:

Here's another idiot new car owner - more concerned about protecting his boot that he forgot that his bonnet is in harm's way! Wonder how'd he'd feel about parking properly, if he came back to see the front of his car smashed in?

Taken at NUS. Submitted on 18 April 2006


Anonymous said...

NUS indeed alot of parking idiots!! the bo liao, childish ones who will be so thrilled after leaving your "idiotic" stickers are most welcomed to visit NUS to satisfy your desire for imbeccile acts!!! HURRY!!

Anonymous said...

MUA hahahahaha... well said! these people are indeed childish by nature and certainly not much better than those parking idiots featured. maybe we should start a "Car Vandalism" blog to feature these people... haha

tezza said...

ram the car, ram the car!

Pandemonium said...

Hmm... I shall consider the option of carrying Parking Idiot labels when I jog around the campus. It's a pity I don't have a camera phone.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. seems like a lot of the owner had came in to repot their presence.

Mickell said...

Maybe he didn't want to reverse all the way in for fear of bird shit dropping onto his new Lancer ;p Anyway, if the front of his Lancer gets smashed by a passing vehicle, it would be hell lot shittier than getting some bird shit ;p

Anonymous said...

Just a simple word to describe about thesessss drivers:

K >: KA
N >: NA
S >: SAI

Stands for KANASAI!!!

Hahahahahah!!!!!!!!!! Don't drive if dunno how to park.