Thursday, April 13, 2006

099. Contributed by Gabriel:

Ah, another one of the world's most difficult-to-park vehicles: the SUV. This must be what the idiot driver of this Toyota thinks - 'cos he is so satisfied to park like a moron and leave. Clearly the car on the left is also forced to park away, due to this idiot SUV driver's action.

Submitted on 11 April 2006


Anonymous said...

May this Toyota driver was also 'forced' to park this way by an earlier car? Possible? BTW, this is not my car.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the car on the left is also an idiot... an idiot who follows an idiot... he should have parked as close as possible to the SUV so the the driver's dorr would not be able to be opened and force the idiot to enter from the passenger side.

Anonymous said...

What if he "kissed" the car door next to it after he enter to his car from the passenger door side?

Should Find another Driver's, together they Blocked both side of the car doors. So lets hope he/ she had actually forgot to pull his hand brake B4 he / she left their car's.