Monday, April 10, 2006

090. Contributed by Daniel:

Yet another massive idiot in a SUV. I think we can soon start a separate blog just for SUVs. Perhaps the TP should retest all those drivers who wish to buy a SUV to see if they know how to park.

Taken at Katong mall on 8 April 2006 at about 3:00pm


Tee said...

SUV drivers are the worst parking idiots in town (this do not apply to all and I'm refering to those shit heads that are not able to handle the size of their SUV)
SUV=Stupid Useless Vehicles.
From the number of posting we can see that SUVs produced one the greatest parkingidiots in town.
As wat tis thread says, LTA should test potential SUV drivers before they are allowed to purchase the vehicle.

Also not forgetting the other large vehicle like MPVs. They sometimes can be quite in-considerate too.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha!!!!! good say tee.
Anyway the way another HYUNDAI...

Mickell said...

Another Tucson idiot ;p Looks like this car is pretty tough to park heh? Or simply their drivers just can't be bothered to park properly because they think the ass of their Tucson is so big they have the right to park so anally ;p

Anonymous said...

good one tee... :)

kurt_dangle said...

LTA should make a class 3B...a specific license so you can purchase the SUV.
LTA should really consider this blog seriously.
Well done parking idiot! You're not an idiot at all