Tuesday, April 18, 2006

114. Contributed by Dodger:

This idiot Kia driver, brainlessly thinking his car is too big for 1 lot, parks well into the next lot. Then the truck comes along and squeezes in, but forced to encroach to the next lot as well. Leaving the poor driver of the car on the other side of the truck having to enter from the passenger side. That unfortunate car driver was the one that submitted this photo. This Kia Idiot Parker's inconsiderate behaviour having repercussions on other innocent drivers. Hope the readers from the Kia forum tell off their idiot Kia brother.

Taken at AMK Ave 10 on 11 April 2006.


Mickell said...

Klass 1

Anonymous said...

how i wish i was the truck driver. i'll make sure i park less then 1 inch next to the kia.