Tuesday, April 04, 2006

061. Contributed by WLim:

This Hyundai Accent is asking to be renamed Hyundai Accident by parking over his alloted lot and risking someone from kicking his ass. Such a small car and still not able to park within a lot - what a moron!

Taken at Jurong East MRT Station, outside the Entertainment Centre, on 2 April 2006 at about 3:15pm


Mickell said...

Accent Accident. Ha, ha, ha...! :D That's a good one! :D

Anonymous said...

For ur info.. his wheels are still within the parking lines. i am pretty okie with this car. anyway, i would really wanna find out who in the right state of mind would drive fast enough in a car park enough to cause an ACCIDENT. haha maybe only in kallang carpark rallies... haha

Mickell said...

Maybe his wheels are within the boundaries. But it still makes the car behind the Accent more difficult to get out :)