Tuesday, April 04, 2006

064. Contributed by HG:

This Honda Civic, obviously driven by someone who has challenges in parking skills, was spotted occupying 2 lots. You can argue that the car beside is also an idiot, and I agree. But the fool who follows the first fool is a bigger fool. Civic driver could have easily parked properly in the next lot and saved himself some shame.

Taken at Katong Shopping Centre. Submitted on 2 April 2006


Anonymous said...

ya... stupid for parking his car in this manner... even if he insist on this particular lot, for watever reasons, he can at least shift abit nearer to his right, as not to take up 2 lots!!!

Either his body mass is fantastic or pls, dun hide ur P-Plate... Take them out

Mickell said...

2 idiots for the price of 1. HDB rules state that a $50 fine is imposeable on a car that is improperly parked. I don't know if anyone has ever been fined for improper parking. I doubt so ;p Maybe private car parks should wheelock such cars and make these idiots pay improper parking fines ;p

Mickell said...

The lot is so big. Even if the driver parked in the center, the car is still quite safe. Dumb crappy moronic ass ;p