Thursday, April 06, 2006

Parking Offences

One of our regular readers, Michael Chua, has recently written in to the ST Forum, asking for authorities to fine Idiot Parkers, who park inconsiderately, occupying more than 1 lot and are a hazard and inconvenience to other drivers.

You can read the full article here:
Fine those who don't park their cars properly in parking lots
(March 31, 2006)

Today, the authorities have replied to Michael's letter, in the Today paper, saying that they have indeed summoned 790 drivers in the past 3 months.

You can read their full reply here:
790 parking offence notices issued in 3 months
(April 6, 2006)

At least we can take heart the authorities are doing something about these Idiot Parkers. We can also do our bit to shame these clowns by continuing our posting of their photos on this blog. It serves as a deterrent to other wannabe Idiots, not to commit the same mistakes.


ene said...

How about sending the URL of this website to the authorities ? Your contributors have the photo proof with venue, date, time, car number, offence, etc.

This will help them in slapping these idiotic parkers with a fine !

They don't even need to be physically present to do the job. Saves manpower and cost.

Brilliant, I say.

Parking Idiot said...

good idea... will send in an email to the TP feedback!

STARian said...

Y the feedback was sent to ST, but reply in "TODAY", funny ppl... I know even though the papers belong to the same family, but still shouldn't do that.. making ppl lost..

Sarah/Suan Mei said...

I have to say you (blog author) seem to have alot of free time :p

Anonymous said...

And I have to commend "Parking Idiot" for using his free time shame these idiots.

s2 said...

if you dunno anythg sarah, juz keep quiet, the blogger is kind enuff to let frustrated drivers like us to post our frustrations to show that we are not alone and these inconsiderate assholes ought to be taught a lesson

toms said...

sometimes some ppl get away with it, thats why we need to put them to SHAME!!!!

upitreks said...

this is the way to go, bro!
Just encountered one idiot driver today. And I just got to know abt this blog after i told my friend abt my incident.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for nothing.
I was one of the 790 ppl.

Office is along a main road with lots at the side, in front of bustling businesses occupying the shophouses.

Was kind enuf to back out of the lot a bit so that goods can be unloadedfrom a truck. Since I was the first lot part of my car was on a double yellow line. I got a ticket for this.

Fark you URA. and your over zealous bunch of scooter riding basta*ds. So much for being helpful.

They turn down my appeal even tho the car was not in a position to obstruct any vehicle.

Anyway, I took a shot of a motorbike parking in a car lot and an Altis that was half out block a two way carraige way. They din get tickets. &^~#!#^~! !

How can I send you the pixs.

Parking Idiot said...

You can email the photos to

Anonymous said...

I agree with s2, very sein sarah keep you mouth shut if donno anything.I am proud of the author to come out with such blog at least ALL OF US know that there are such IDIOTS PARKER out there. So i guess you might be ONE of them right sarah/SEIN mei (not suan)

Mickell said...

Always better to play safe by parking properly. Not unless you're making so much money you don't mind paying some fines :)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with ene about sending the URL of this website to the authorities.

As the offence (inconsiderate parking) has been photographically recorded with car number, so with the other details, like date, time and place provided by the contributor, the authorities should be able to nail the offender!!!

Let the PI prove that he did not park as shown on the photograph ... otherwise pay for this inconsiderateness.

Anonymous said...

Yes...publicise this site in news, newspapers, magazines, everywhere. Shame the idiot parkers like the bond breakers!!